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Tillman Home EV Charger
Roseville, MN

When purchasing a new EV, the dealer provides a 110 volt plug in that requires 2-3 day charge to provide a full charge to the battery.  Apadana will upgrade the speed up the charge to 100% within 6-8 hours by installing a Level 2 rapid charger. A Level 2 upgrade costs between $1,200 – $2,500 which includes the Level 2 charger, labor, and other material.  Service upgrades to the panel are also available.

Our trained team of electricians will notify homeowners whether their home has adequate electrical capacity for vehicle charging. Some homes might have insufficient electric capacity for Level 2 equipment. Our teams is able to add circuits or additional sub panels to accommodate the capacity needed for Level 2 charging. Range anxiety is among the most common electric vehicle owner fears. While some locations offer fast charging for electric cars, over 80 percent of charging happens at home. When you have decided to make the investment to install an EV charger in your home, Apadana has the equipment and expertise you need. We will help you access the type of charging you need give your driving habits. We will evaluation your existing electrical system to determine the complexity of any required wiring. Our licensed electricians will complete your electric vehicle charger installation quickly and efficiently, whether we just install a level 2 charger or perform a service upgrade. When our customers request off-the-grid charging, we can develop a solar charging station for their electric vehicle. Installations are available throughout Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota.