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Charter School
Plymouth, MN

This solar project in Plymouth, MN added 10 kW to the K-12 school roof. This saved the school approximately $4,000 annually in energy expenses. Schools and government buildings are one of our solar focus areas. We transform building rooftops, parking lots and open ground spaces tied to building meters into money-makers!

Apadana is a leading Minnesota and upper Midwest commercial solar company.

Unlike many others, we go beyond simple commercial solar panel installation. We offer comprehensive commercial solar solutions that include solar and structural system design, engineering, material procurement, solar installation, and project financing assistance.

Because we are based in the upper Midwest, our designers and engineers understand the uniqueness of solar power in this area. Our solar panels for universities, government and non-profit organizations are the highest quality. Our commercial solar panel costs are very competitive. As the general contractor, solar designer, and installer of many large-scale commercial, non-profit, higher education, government and institutional systems, including carport/canopy systems on parking garages and parking lots, our team is equipped to handle virtually any size commercial solar in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota and across the country.