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Apadana did a complete photometric analysis and provided client with the best LED solution. The footcandles improved by 40%. The light upgrade reduced energy consumption by 45% in one year. This energy reduction alone resulted in saving of $260,000 over 10 years. Offices. Warehouses. Production Lines. Retail. Parking Lots. A common denominator across these buildings is LIGHTING. Sometimes operating 24×7.

Powering lights is expensive. Often 20 percent of a commercial building electric bill is associated with lighting.

A decade ago, Apadana was among the first to offer lighting retrofits for businesses in Minnesota when LED lights were introduced. Since then, Apadana has consistently been recognized as an Xcel Energy Efficiency Partner by saving millions of kilowatt hours through LED light installation, commercial lighting control systems, and specialty lighting applications.

Commercial customers turn to Apadana because of our unique lighting services that include our utility rebate optimization that drives down the cost of lighting retrofits, and our ability to tackle the most specialty lighting challenges, including complex lighting controls.