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Fitness Center EV Charger
St Paul, MN

Adding EV charging to commercial office buildings, factories and other workplaces not only helps promote the business as sustainable, but can attract progressive, high quality workers with a “perk” that most competing employers may not offer. Commercial EV Charging can be located in auto dealerships, entertainment districts, shopping malls and strip centers, hospitals and medical offices, private parking lots and garages, class A office buildings, colleges and universities, hotels and motels, and many other places where people may travel with their electric vehicle. Commercial firms offering EV charging today may seem ahead of the times, they in fact signal that the firm is aware of the growing needs of many of their employees/visitors. In some cases, a fast charging station is needed due to the duration of the visit. In other cases, a level 2 charger is sufficient. EV charger installation in a commercial setting can often be complex and requires the experience provided by Apadana. We install commercial solar EV Chargers in Minnesota, Midwest and nationally.