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Crystal, MN

Enphase IQ Batteries store energy for later use or for use during a power outage. The IQ 8X-BAT microinverters within the IQ Batteries provide the voltage & frequency necessary for the operation of your solar array and the electrical circuits in your home during an outage. IQ Batteries can be configured in partial- & whole home-backup setups. Based on specific customer expectations & goals, Enphase Battery Storage System can be set up in: savings mode to use stored energy during peak billing hours, self-consumption mode to use as much as possible of your generated energy at home & minimize your carbon footprint, or Full Backup Mode to store 100% of your battery energy for emergency backup use during an outage. Correctly sized solar + battery storage enables homeowners to minimize their grid dependency and power the home during outages with renewable energy, rather than gas/diesel generators. Applying standalone battery storage as emergency backup, charged from the grid, is a residential use case not including solar. Battery storage is becoming more practical as battery technology advances and costs decline. We offer Battery Storage installation throughout Minnesota, including Rochester, St Cloud, Duluth, Moorehead, Twin Cities suburbs from Anoka, White Bear Lake, Stillwater, St Croix, Prior Lake, Burnsville, Chaska, Minneapolis, St Paul, Centennial, Appley Valley.