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Clarks Grove, MN

The City of Clarks Grove commissioned a 331.5 kW ground mount solar array coordinated by a 3rd party developer, with Apadana as the installer.

Utility scale solar projects and community solar gardens utilize open land for installation. This unique member-owned solar garden serves low-income and disadvantaged electric power subscribers. We transform commercial roofs into money-makers! Consisting of a huge collection of solar PV panels, the garden often generates over a megawatt of power. Owners of solar gardens fulfill demand for solar from a segment of the population who can’t afford solar or whose property isn’t solar feasible and who still want to go green. In these cases, customers purchase green power from the solar garden in the form of a credit with their utility.

Due to its massive size and complexity and the need for intricate interconnection with the supporting electric utility, solar gardens require experienced designers, engineers, material sourcing experts, and installers. As a provide solar energy contractor, Apadana is well-equipped to support solar garden developers. Utility rules restrict all solar gardens to be installed only in Xcel Energy, Otter Tail Power and Minnesota Power territories. Co-Op and Municipal power distributors will not allow solar gardens