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Pairing battery storage with a solar PV solar system provides the ability to generate and store sustainable electric power for energy cost control, utility demand-charge management, time-of-use cost-shifting, and emergency power in the event of grid outages. Renewable energy storage primarily uses lithium-ion chemistry to capture energy generated by solar, wind, biomass, and wave production systems. The batteries can also work independently of a renewable energy source, by storing cheaper energy from the grid which can then be released and redistributed across a business when it is most needed most often supplementing grid power to avoid or minimize expensive demand charges which can sometimes be as much as 50 percent of a company’s electric bill. Putting a solar PV system and a storage system in the same place (co-location), enables the two systems to share some hardware components, which can lower costs. Co-location can also reduce costs related to site preparation, land acquisition, labor for installation, permitting, interconnection, and developer overhead and profit. As a result, decisions regarding current or future requirements for storage should be considered when the solar PV system is being engineered. We offer Battery Storage installation throughout Minnesota, including Rochester, St Cloud, Duluth, Moorehead, Brainerd, Twin Cities suburbs from Sauk Center, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Robbinsdale, St Louis Park, Red Wing, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, St Paul, Omaha NE, Madison WI, Fargo ND, Des Moines IA, Superior WI, Sioux Falls SD.