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Black Panel Rooftop Residential
Rosemount, MN

This single-family Rosemount home has black panels. The system produces 11,300 kWh first year alone offsetting 315% house electricity used. 483,574 CO2 reduced equates to 3,627 trees in 10 years.

Apadana is a leading Minnesota solar energy contractor. Count on Apadana to act as your solar specialist and your solar power installer. Our geographic region has aspects that only a Minnesota solar designer understands. That’s why Apadana designs what we install. We help customers see beyond the cost of solar panels to net cost after incentives are applied. See long-term value for decades into the future.

Our solar panel installers are specially trained for residential solar panel installation making the project fast, clean, and efficient. And if you need more to optimize system size, install solar on your detached garage by adding solar panels on garage roof. In rural areas, solar for a barn is also an option. Some customers want to go “off the grid” by creating a solar powered house. We can provide solar panel quotes for both.