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Columbia Heights, MN

This customer installed a proprietary Apadana EV Charging HUB to enable each resident to install an EV Charger at their own parking stall for a greatly reduced cost. Their management created a charging infrastructure, which enabled the balance of energy disbursement amongst all cars being charged simultaneously. Apartment management pays for the installation of the HUB infrastructure and residents pay for the wiring from the HUB to their individual stall.

EV Charging has been available to private homeowners, but less available to those living in apartments, condos and shared units. There is significant demand among multi-unit dwellers, HOA and other multifamily communities. EV chargers will soon become standard, necessary to attract/retain residents. The demand for electric vehicle charging in multi-family buildings is here to stay. The Fed tax credit covers 30% of install costs up to $1,000 and is extended until 2032. EV charging installation can be a challenge for multi-family residents. Apadana offers a comprehensive infrastructure in a form of an EV HUB with “make ready” solution, making it quick and easy to install the EV charger equipment. In addition to resident chargers, the building owner or HOA may also include a fast-charging station for both visitor and guest use. Multi-family properties that are equipped with chargers for electric vehicles will not only increase property value but can increase demand for unit rental/sales. We offer EV Charging installation in throughout Minnesota, including Rochester, St Cloud, Duluth, Moorehead, Twin Cities suburbs from Anoka, Chaska, Minneapolis, St Paul, Centennial, Appley Valley.