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Apadana specializes in commercial, industrial and retail lighting applications. Whether it’s distributing LED products, auditing your facility, fixture design, consultations or upgrading existing fixtures, Apadana has your lighting needs covered. We deliver energy efficient, high quality, sustainable and affordable lighting solutions. Our mission is to reduce energy and maintenance costs, ensure quick return on investment and substantially decrease your business’ carbon footprint.

Using our extensive knowledge of the lighting industry and project management, we take a consultative approach to understand the unique lighting needs of your business and we are dedicated to making your transition as cost effective and seamless as possible.

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Top ten reasons to upgrade to LED

  • LEDs are the most efficient and affordable lighting technology
  • Take advantage of LED lighting rebates
  • Increase each bulb’s lifespan by up to 5 times
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 80%
  • Save on maintenance/replacement costs

  • Eliminate harmful chemicals from your environment
  • Minimize wasted light and enhance color quality/brightness
  • Redefine your space through a variety of LED shapes, sizes and features
  • Reduce HVAC costs by virtually eliminating heat output
  • Earn credits toward LEED certification